Vegan and vegetarian


We strongly believe food has a fundamental role in anyone’s well being, this is why we’ve given it such an important role in Food & Yoga. In our vegan and vegetarian restaurant we understand that nutrition is a natural extension of our work focused in the body and two intimately connected and complementary areas.


We offer a nourishing, healthy and delicious vegetarian diet, which is respectful with both our body and our planet.


Our daily menu changes twice a week. Allways with quality, eco, proximity and seasonal ingredients.


We also offer author’s dishes out of the menu, originals, tasty and differents.

In Food & Yoga you’ll find a wide assortment of salads, vegetable soups and creams, pasta, sandwiches, vegan pastries, fruit, freshly made juices, coffee, tea and infusions.


We always include various vegan and gluten free options on the menu, although in case of celiac people, we cannot guarantee the total absence of traces or cross contamination.