Our story began 6 years ago, when I created ViuVida, my previous yoga center. I offered yoga classes in there, performing arts (dancing, trapeze, theater) and therapy. Although we didn’t know it then, ViuVida was the indispensable seed that allowed Food & Yoga’s birth some years after.


Three years ago Pepe walked through the door of ViuVida looking to balance his rational and structured mind with the help of yoga and he found balance, and me. He joined the team and we often talked about how people who attended our classes usually stayed chatting long afterwards their class was over, creating a bond between them, a kind and warm community. It was as if they felt comfortable in there and, somehow, wanted more.


We closed ViuVida in January 2017 and, after taking some time to think and understand what had worked and what needed to be improved, we began to fantasize about the idea of Food & Yoga. A year and a half after that, here we are, in our new home, excited and eager to keep offering what we know best.


We deeply believe yoga is a powerful tool, very helpful to get in touch and connect with oneself. We believe that when we are able to connect with ourselves we change the way we look at life, at other people. It is as if something clicks inside us and we can live and interact from a much calmer and peaceful place. It feels as if all of a sudden we are awake and awareness arises.


We think disciplines such as dancing, acting classes, trapeze or music put you back in touch with your body and, in this mental society we live in, where we are increasingly moving away from ourselves and from nature, getting in touch with our body seemed essential to us, that’s why we’ve included some performing arts classes.


Because we believe that only through a real and deep knowledge of ourselves we can live accordingly to our needs and our desires and, therefore, be happier, we also offer different kind of therapies for personal growth. We want our inner transformation to be transcendent.


What we really want, in the end, is to help people manage their day to day, that they can get to know themselves better, help them feel more balanced, more connected and rooted. And it seemed to us that, in order to achieve it, we couldn’t ignore food, which is essential for anyone’s wellbeing. That’s why we have included a small restaurant, a place where you can meet, chat and nourish yourself with some simple, healthy and delicious food. We are committed to a vegetarian diet, not only because we have experienced very positive changes in our own health by adopting vegetarianism but also because it is a kind and respectful diet, both for our bodies and the planet.


Our aim actually is pretty simple: to offer a space where people feel welcomed, appreciated and cared; a place that feels like a shelter you can always come to, to get away from the noise, the speed and the frenzy of the city; a space in which you feel inspired to move towards change.



We heartily welcome you,


Marta and Pepe