Children are an essential part of our project. We’ve been working with them for 10 years now and the changes we’ve observed in them are amazing. This is why we knew we wanted to offer something exclusively for them: a space of their own in which they could express, feel and be as they are. We offer the same activities we have for adults, adapted to their needs and ages.


Through yoga, dance or trapeze we see how they process emotions and situations they had previously experienced but hadn’t been able to fully understand or digest. We see how they solve and overcome the small conflicts that sometimes arise in a group or how they learn and develop new tools that allow them to better manage their day to day. We observe how they begin to connect with their body, to develop their creativity, to increase their self-esteem… The benefits and results of this work are endless and never cease to amaze us.


We think it’s important to integrate families in this space so that they too come into contact with their own inner child and empathize more easily with the little ones in the house. We encourage families to participate in weekend family workshops we organize throughout the year and they are always welcome to join one of our kids’ classes, if they want to feel like a child again.

Yoga for kids

Yoga is an excellent tool for children, one that helps them develop their personalities in a positive and friendly environment, and in a funny way for them.


Through very diverse games and exercises (songs, stories, music, massages…), children improve their attention and concentration capacity as well as their memory and ability to relax; they connect with their body and their emotions and get to know them better through the choreographies we assemble and the asanas (postures) that we practice.

Our yoga classes are from Monday to Thursday, from 5.30pm at 6.30pm, and we recommend them for children from 4 to 14 years old.


Our main goal in dance classes is that children strengthen their psychical, motor, emotional and relational development. In other words, we want kids to experience new ways of being and relating to one another in a free, creative and safe environment for them.


Through different games we work on a wide variety of aspects such as discipline and improvisation, motor coordination, sense of time and space, individual and group work, flexibility as a capacity to adapt to change. Dance is an excellent tool to help overcome shyness, as well as to know oneself better and practice self-acceptance.

We recommend dance classes for kids between 4 and 14 years old.


We think about trapeze classes for kids as a place for them to play and have fun in a different way, like hanging on their arms and defying gravity, as they would do if they joined the circus (always in a safe environment for them).


With trapeze exercises they improve flexibility, coordination, agility and balance, as well as their attention to the body. For them it’s a new, exciting and super fun way to play.

We recommend trapeze classes for kids between 4 and 14 years old.