Our space

Our center is divided into three different areas:


The first one is the restaurant. We conceived this space as a place to pause and rest after a practice or a long day in the office, to meet new and interesting people, hold intimate conversations… while you enjoy some of our dishes, nutritious and healthy. You can choose between sitting at the large communal table or one of the smaller, more private ones.


The next one is on the floor above and it’s quieter. There is a private room and one that is open. Both are designed to work while you drink or eat something, to hold a private celebration or a group meal, or to do some teamwork if you are a company: meetings, presentations… there is all the necessary equipment for it (tables, chairs, projector and internet).


The third zone is dedicated to bodywork. There is an anteroom that we use to do the trapeze classes but that can easily be converted into a meeting room or a private dining room. We like to think of it as our own “town square”, a polyvalent and nuclear space, full of life, that you can see from all the angles of the center.


When you cross our “town square”, you find the space dedicated to yoga, body expression and dance: a large and bright room that exudes peace and serenity.