Body expression

We believe that, due to the stress and rush of the city and our busy schedules, we’ve lost contact with our body, with beauty, with creativity, with artistic expression… And this is why, in addition to yoga classes, we offer different disciplines within the performing arts.


We want you to experience the beauty of movement in a dance class, or that peaceful feeling that stays with you after a trapeze practice. We want you to discover a whole new world of sounds and rhythms through djembe and percussion. We want you to recover the art of living.


Dancing lifts our mood. It promotes self-confidence, helps overcome shyness and is an excellent way to meet other people and establish new relationships. It reduces anxiety and depression by releasing the accumulated tensions in our body while promoting an active and creative attitude. It helps express emotions, it improves our body coordination and stimulates our memory.


Its benefits are endless and we absolutely adore watching Eleanne, our dancer and teacher, who has a long career as a professional dancer touring the best theaters in the world, and learn from her.

The schedule of our Contemporary Dance classes is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:45 pm to 8:45 pm.

Theatre (initiation)

Acting allows self-exploration and self-knowledge; it is an internal look that puts us in contact with ourselves.


By joining our theatre initiation workshop you can gain awareness of your body and unveil unknown personal facets through the use of different techniques and games.


Sharing this experience with people who are in your same situation is stimulating. You will be able to see yourself through the eyes of others.


Working on the trapeze is great for developing strength, physical endurance and flexibility, while you become more aware of your own body, its gravity and weight. The trapeze helps you develop your motor coordination as well as attention and self-awareness through a very unique experience.


We recommend this wonderful discipline for both children (from 6 years old) and adults for its many benefits. Our teachers, Sabrina and Pinki, are excellent trapeze artists within their own companies, as well as great teachers with a lot of experience both with children and adults in different European countries.

Percussion music (djembé)

The incessant activity of our minds diminishes our senses’ sensitivity. With our percussion classes we want to offer an outlet for all the energy and tension accumulated throughout the day. We want you to learn to communicate in a creative and funny way. All in all, we want to offer you a space to feel instead of thinking.


We want you to experiment with the djembé instrument and spend a good time expressing your own rhythm through your hands, while synchronizing with the rhythms of the rest of the group. If you feel you need to release energy, tension and stress, or you want to unleash your creativity, this class is definitely for you.